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2020-04-09 08:22:52
Hobbies & skills that require (imagine that) actual skills have a way higher barrier to entry.
2020-04-09 08:21:59
There are some topics out there that I think are just prime for blogs to take over, but they’ve been vacant for so long because nobody with the right skills has stepped up to the plate.
2020-04-09 08:21:46
Proof positive that if you tackle a tough topic with relentless consistency, you’re guaranteed to find success.
2020-04-09 08:21:22
I suck at drawing. Luckily, my brother was blessed with the ability, so I’ve been able to enjoy watching someone talented draw for most of my life, which I’ve enjoyed because I love “traditional” drawn art.
2020-04-09 08:21:01
Photo travel blogs are a dime a dozen, and Canvas of Light made the cut here because the photos are amazing.Nothing much I can add here, other than the author goes all out and has a lot of talent.
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2020-04-07 08:08:03
Welcome to DOUBLEUPCASINO. Thank you very much. There are many games to play. I hope you have a good time.
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2020-04-06 06:25:19
The simple answer is, there isn’t one simple answer. But this is one great conversation!
2020-04-06 06:25:00
Whether or not this happens though, and how it happens, is hard to predict. Does it just depend on who is commenting and how they respond, or is there something the blogger can do to encourage that? And if so, is it related to content, context or controversey? Or just to starting great conversations to begin with?
2020-04-06 06:24:42
I think the conversation between bloggers in the comments sections is a really undervalued thing. I read an interesting note in a post at the other day about how a Valeria met a good blogging colleague – in the comments section of another blog.
2020-04-06 06:24:27
That’s probably badly explained in just a paragraph but hopefully you get the idea.
2020-04-06 06:24:04
Then you design a creative way to start what you want to say to grab attention. Finally, all you need to do is write just enough in between to get your listeners from your attention grabber to the ‘kicker’.
2020-04-06 06:23:37
As far as generating comments, as your post says, the conclusion is vitally important. I remember hearing from a radio broadcast expert who taught that the very first thing you should think about is the final line of what you want to say on air. That’s what causes the listener to think, “me too”, involving them in what you’ve said.
2020-04-03 06:08:38
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